Bible Study


ZCOD Bible Study is primarily designed to ensure that today’s disciples of Jesus are indeed ‘Born Again’ and walking in the reverential fear of God by living holy. We hold disciples accountable. Disciples will be thoroughly equipped to maintain a personal relationship with God and also be able to defend and present the gospel to others.

Bible Study Objectives

Our bible study objectives are to edify men and women of today’s disciples of Jesus by helping and guiding them to devote themselves to studying God’s word in order to actualize practical Christianity. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our disciples adhere to the following principles:

  • The primary book required is the Holy Bible and handouts provided by the church
  • Believe in the inerrancy and authoritative words of the Holy Bible
  • Put in quality time to study hard “to show thyself approved unto God”
  • Frequent bible study attendance
  • Participate in exhortation, question and answer forum
  • Fellowship with other disciples

Bible Study Teachings

Bible Study Methods

This Bible study method, will radically change the way you study God’s Word. First and foremost, disciples will be required to learn the order of the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation (Old Testament and New Testament). This will provide a clear perspective of the Bible by equipping you with the logical method of Bible study. Disciples will develop skills in observation, interpretation and application of any given biblical text pertaining to his or her life. This study will emphasize being both a reader and doer of the Bible.

True Discipleship

In today’s world that presumes that everyone that attends church is a Christian and every building that bears a cross sign is a church, in this study we will explore in-depth Scripture passages that accurately depicts a true disciple or follower of Jesus Christ. Disciples will learn the cost of discipleship, obstacles to discipleship and what it means to be “Born Again”.


We believe the key to lasting change in our families, our churches, and in our communities can undoubtedly be found in teaching and discipling men and women in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ. This study will explore leadership character traits that enabled men like Moses, David and Nehemiah to prevail with both God and men, both Jews and Gentiles. You will learn God’s supreme methods of raising leaders for his divine purpose.

Anger Management

How do you handle your anger? Is there any room for anger? Do you sin when you are angry? How long does it take your anger to dissipate? Do you let the sun set on your anger? These and many more are questions concerning the issue of anger that we grapple with as we strive to live for Christ. This anger management study will answer all these questions and enable you to handle anger God’s way by dealing with the root cause of your anger.


Many flaunt their pride while others conceal theirs. Either way, “God opposes the proud but exalts the humble”. In most cases many Christians are not aware that they are afflicted with the spirit of pride until traits that constitute pride are brought to their attention. In this study disciples will learn why humility is the most essential precondition for being a disciple of Jesus Christ and why pride is the root cause of all sin.

Gender Identities & Roles in God’s Kingdom

So many Christians have bought into Satan’s contrived gender and role reversals – men acting like women and women wanting to be men. Today, many confused or double-minded men and women are not grateful and satisfied in their God assigned gender and roles. Therefore, they have come up with this unbiblical agenda called gender reassignment. The Bible says, “It was not so in the beginning”, for God created them “male and female” with distinct gender and roles. This study will explore the dignity and valor of manhood and the essence of virtuous womanhood.

Virtue and Character Study

Character, how many of us have it? Solid and trustworthy character is the bedrock of any ministry, family, organization, and without it society is doomed. God abhors unstable characters like King Saul and Samson. Of a truth, no man or woman can get very far in life without a godly character. Come and join us to find out what virtue and character traits God looks for as vessels “meet for the master’s use.” This study will challenge and change the way you view yourself and others.

Personal Development

This study will explore our personal time of fellowship and relationship with God pertaining to our devotion, prayer and fasting. Disciples will be taught how to have their personal quiet time studying and meditating on the Word: setting aside a time for a season of praying and fasting unto the Lord.

Exhortation / Leading Bible Study

Here at ZION we believe that every disciple of Jesus should be able to exhort or present the Gospel. This study teaches disciples the fundamentals of exhortation. In this study, disciples will be committed to the Holy Spirit, learn how to handle their stage fright and lack of self-confidence in presenting the gospel before others.

Spiritual Gifts

Many Christians today believe that Spiritual Gifts such as healing, prophecy or for that matter speaking in unknown tongues had ceased since the days of the apostles. What do you believe? Come and join us as we collectively explore in detail the truth on this matter based on infallible Scripture passages.

Spiritual Warfare

The bible says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood … but against rulers of darkness… and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds”. So, what exactly is Spiritual Warfare? This study unlocks the insidious spiritual wickedness, attacks and afflictions by Satan and his demons against God’s children. Come learn how to fight back, close doorways, break soul-ties, and overcome demonic impartations through dreams and immoralities. Therefore, come learn how to deliver and be delivered by the power, mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Purity and Sexuality

God created sex to be fully enjoyed under ONE sacred condition – MARRIAGE. Any form of sex outside of marriage is sin against the most High God. “All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you?” Enough said. Have you been defiled? Do you want to be whole again? Do you want to be healed of your wounds from deviant sexual behaviors? This bible study brazenly teaches disciples how to live holy and stay pure in a vile and x-rated world.


Dreams are extremely important in the life of a believer. As disciples of Jesus Christ we should not handle our dreams carelessly. Besides the bible, dream is another major vehicle through which God speaks to us particularly to those of us who cannot discern the Lord’s voice. However, dream can also be a vehicle that Satan uses to cause untold damages and afflictions in the lives of believers. This study will guide you in understanding and interpreting your dreams. Come learn how to take authority over your dream life. It is time to bring an end to demonic sexual dreams, eating in dreams, dreams of dead relatives, swimming and flying in dreams, climbing and never getting to the top and being chased by masquerades and wild animals. This is more than a mere study. It is a ticket for your deliverance.

Come see what God is doing!